New Homes

Davis Made Building are Mornington Peninsula’s trusted experts for luxury new home builds.

Masters in designing and constructing luxury new home builds, our team are dedicated to creating high-end custom projects that suit your lifestyle and feel like home from day one. Our passionate team at Davis Made Building understand the importance of incorporating your story and unique lifestyle into your new home from beginning to end. Our design and building teams work closely to ensure that everyone is unified under the same vision. This seamless coordination and constant communication means that you’ll never have to second guess budget estimates or rough timelines. To ensure a seamless blend of luxury and lifestyle we work with high-end materials in our uncomplicated approach to designing your custom home.
With decades of experience in new home projects across the Peninsula, we recognise the potential implications and complexities that may occur within the building process and surrounding coastal terrain. Our team are qualified to approach any challenges with tested solutions to ensure that your new home is built for longevity and will endure the test of time and changing trends. When we build your new custom home, we factor in any potential changes to your family and lifestyle that may occur over the years. Our team can offer expert advice to help you determine how best to design your home to allow for flexibility in the future. We understand how to create a bespoke design that reflects your present and future needs – and how to integrate both seamlessly through the everyday luxuries of your new home. Our projects are designed and built with timelessness in mind – so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a home that will last a lifetime.
No matter how far in your building journey you are, we’ll be on hand to offer professional insight and honest guidance to make your experience easier. Alongside Warren and Louise Davis, our friendly team of experts are committed to doing whatever they can to provide you with an effortless building experience. We ensure that our clients are informed and updated during the entire process, welcoming all feedback, questions and new ideas to establish a comprehensive building proposal designed by you and finalised by us.

We are your local luxury home builders in Mount Martha. Get in touch with us today.