Elements of a coastal home

At Davis Made, we are privileged to be able to construct beautiful, luxurious coastal homes across the Mornington Peninsula. There is nothing quite like a breezy modern family home with incredible oceanside views, that’s just a stone’s throw away from some of the state’s best beaches. No wonder this area is Victoria’s premiere holiday destination, attracting millions of visitors per year.

Coastal homes aren’t like other homes. They come with a unique set of challenges, and unbeatable advantages. In this blog we’re going to be guiding you through the top 5 elements of a modern coastal home.

Waterfront views

The best part of a coastal home is the incredible views, so a coastal home should be built to capture and maximise these. We recommend building a home that is oriented towards the ocean and considering the sun’s movement in your design. Include balconies and outdoor entertaining areas to create different vantage points.

One the best way to integrate ocean views into the home is through large windows. We suggest opting for bi-fold or corner windows and floor-to-ceiling windows in spaces where a water view is possible. This will also help maximise your home’s exposure to natural light.

Open floor plan

Being in close proximity to the beach has its advantages, but it does means that temperatures can climb in the warmer months. As such, a coastal home should always prioritise air flow, so the space doesn’t become stuffy or uncomfortably warm. An open-plan design will ensure your home is sun-filled and airy, whilst also maximising on seaside views.

Indoor-outdoor living

A home that is cut-off from its surrounding natural environment is always a bit lacklustre, but this is especially true for coastal homes, where the surrounding oceans, beaches and greenery can instil an atmosphere of tranquillity and calm.

This is why it’s so important to bring the outdoors in as much as possible. We suggest investing in a spacious outdoor entertaining area, as well as ensuring seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. You’ll get all the creature comforts of the indoor world, while also receiving all the wonderful benefits of living on the beach!

A durable exterior

Coastal homes are more susceptible to corrosive winds, salt-water and heat damage, so the exterior needs to be top-notch to withstand these environmental forces. Often in coastal homes, this takes the form of timber cladding which helps the home remain durable, provides insulation and gives the exterior a classic beachside feel.


A refreshing design

A coastal home isn’t complete without a design and colour palette that mirror the beautiful natural surrounds. Think plenty of whites, cool blues and even touches of green. For the classic beach house feel, you can’t go past the Hamptons style, which includes characteristics such as white timber panelling, timber floors, high ceilings, shaker-style cabinetry, luxurious alfresco areas and plenty of large, open spaces.

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